Monday, April 05, 2010

IT IS trON 1.0

  • This is the sketch I came up with. It's a loose thumbnail that was originally going to be more loose before I started thinking about all the detail I wanted to include.

  1. Flynn or Tron vs. Sark
  2. Giant screen underneath one of those enemy droid things
  3. Either pong on an Atari or a multiplayer NES game on a nes console
  4. White russians on the table (tron discs as coasters) (jeff bridges reference)
  5. MCP lava lamp (the spinny CG guy in tron1)
  6. A hottie from Tron 2 trailer in the foreground parlaying with Daft Punk
  7. A speederbike tipped over
  8. Floating bit dude somewhere in the scene (yes yes yes no no no)
  9. Tron girl from tron1 on the couch (i need cuties in my paintings)
  10. Wallpaper - something nerdy. I don't know what - something oldschool though. I may even use the wallpaper fromw hen I was a kid in the 80s living in New Mexico.

    So at this point it's your call. Tell me what you love or hate. Scrap the whole thing if you want. Leave it as is and start making palette recomendations. Anything goes. Change the perspective. Move the characters around. Add or remove ideas. Art direct it. You can leave it as comments or email me and I'll integrate it into my next post. I want everybody to see this piece grow from your paragraph into a full art piece.

    Anybody else,
    This art is interactive. Feel free to picth things in the comments. I like to connect to people and this seems to be as good a way as any.


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