Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It is on.

Ok. I made a choice. Choices suck because picking one thing means not picking a bunch of other things.

This is sort of messed up too - because the guy who's idea I'm picking is an actual art director. The reason that sucks is that he's probably going to put me to the grind, but it's also cool because I'm really curious to see what comes of this.

His idea is to illustrate characters from Tron playing oldschool video games against each other - something like Donkey Kong or Pong etc. or looking goofy using a wii. The painting makes heavy use of glow - something i love to use. And includes a reference to heavy geek themes and pop culture. I'm imagining Flynn vs. Sark in front of a hug oldschool projector style TV or something in a really 70s looking living room. Speeder bikes parked to the side. Maybe one of THESE guys:

I want to use old atari joysticks and an atari with a fat cart sticking out of it. Since most kids don't even know what that is - it's like hmmm, it's like... ummm, it's like a Klondike bar, but it's plastic and has a small video game inside of it. Printed on a "circuit board" or something.

The runners up were (in no particular order):
Joel Julian,
GLEN at a digable planets address,
Aric Sangruchi

If you guys want to email me you addy's - i'll put something in the mail for you.



Madison Ann said...

even tho i didn't win, would you still be willing to draw up my tattoo?

Ryon Elliott said...

Holy Crap! I won!? I don't know what to say! I'll try not to be to much of a grinder on the art. I know when I get the print I'll be framing it and hanging it up in the man cave!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rough sketches! Thanks for choosing my idea!