Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok, so I was in Canada for the last half week. It was awesome. You canadians are way cooler than most of my neighbors and friends (but not ALL of them).

Thanks for the warm welcome. If I met you at the show and you ended up stopping by my blog - i'm glad you're here.

Here's a finished piece for the calgary artbook I worked on:

Also, I now have postcards for sale. I don't know how to add a link to sell them but I'm thinking that for a stamp plus a buck or two, I'll draw on one and mail it to you. People seemed to like them at the show and I'm looking forward to mailing tons of them out.

be seeing you,


Trixi said...

Damn you're talented!

Justin said...

was nice to meet ya big cat :) keep up the great work

ps- im looking into chicago's wizard con in august, never attended, but it looks all kinds of great, ever been?

molli brown said...

dude. i want to buy 3 postcards! i will email you :)

GarSeeYaInk said...

Hey Andrew,sorry I missed you at the con. I really wanted to see your HE-MAN work,loved those!

I'm on page 50 in the CCEE Artbook,sweet spot by Sienkiewicz.

Hope you had fun and make it back here.


Unknown said...

It was AMAZING to meet you!

I am glad to hear you had a great time here :d I have already set my tattoo of the doodle you drew me into motion and and stoked to have your artwork going on me :D

Unknown said...

Thanks Trixi.

Never been to the chicago wiz con. I really should go since I have roots in chicago. Don't think I can get any time off work for a while though.

Molli - my email is ready and waiting!

G.Gerald Garcia - That's a great page to be on - I got your back man! (^__^) Really cute robots. I will def. make it back.

Anonymous said...

My girl and I picked up a few of your silk screens at the Calgary expo and I was wondering if you had any thumbnails or pictures of them online so I could link them and show them off to friends.

Unknown said...

Thank anon, the most recent post is to hel you out.