Sunday, November 15, 2009

nightmare on my blog.

i watched the freddie series recently - it's pretty rad for old horror. I didn't go through the new ones, just the classics up to dream warriors.

I heard there's a remake coming soon (surprise surprise) . here's my version of Frederick Kruger, the main protagonaist.



What is 8BD? said...

that is incredible! I've actually never seen any freddy/jason/chuckie movies (they're all the same in my mind; movies the punkass kids in elementary school got to watch 'cuz their parents didn't give a crap about what they did) so I can't say I know anything about Freddie more than the halloween costumes I've seen. Even so, this is a great rendering.

Dez said...

Awesome! I used to be so scared of Freddy when I was a kid.

Trixi said...

I love it :D

Josh Lange said...

Awesome! I was telling Marcellus the other day that I've never seen any of the Friday the 13ths, Nightmare on Elm Streets, or Halloweens or anything, and he freaked out and said I have to watch them. I think his actual words were "Man, that explains a lot."

Maybe I'll do a rendition of Krueger and Jason once I've seen them...

Jelter said...

Man, you must be a genius if you can make freddy look cute!

Laura Braga said...

Wow...great pic, really nice colors and designe!!
I like it!!
My best compliments!

Justin said...


I did a piece at lunch today that was inspired by your style, hope you like :)

keep up the solid work, i always enjoy

Unknown said...

Thanks you guys. I want to do more of those cute monster types but something in my says that next time I need to do them just before Halloween. right?