Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Show Tonight

There's a show at Gallery1988 tonight.
7020 Melrose Ave. in LA.

If you're interested in going. I'll be there and Kevin Smith/ Scott Mosier should be too. It's a show with art representing moments from their podcast called SModcast.

The show is called SMart and it's Kvin Smith and Scott Mosier. They're pretty rad. If you haven't listened to their podcasts, they're pretty not bad to really good.

-=click to enlarge=-

Here are the pieces I did for the show. They're pretty small and inexpensive, so if you like them - they won't take up much space in your wallet or on your wall.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE KEVIN SMITH. Too bad I won't be able to attend the show as it is berry berry far away.

Pretty pix.

Llehn said...

Your pieces are totally awesome!

Unknown said...

Thank you kindly, Llehn and anon. i appreciate it.