Monday, December 01, 2008

and now for something.... completely similar....

I didn't think I'd have time tonight, but I put on some buckethead and painted. it was an older album but damn was it good.

if you haven't checked out his music, he's just damn good. that's the only way to put it. pour yourself a nice tasty white russian and listen to it now!!! are you still here? the genre isn't my fave, but then again, he can play damn near anything. and I do so respect a good musician.

be seeing you,


Charles Goatley said...

I just checked him out as I've never heard of him - he has a very interesting blend of different musical styles. Nice pic btw!

Trixi said...

Oh, Buckethead :) That's some inspirational music that comes from him.

Unknown said...

I love your style with the "b/w naked chicks". Is there anywhere I could get this picture at a slightly higher resolution? I wanted to set it as my desktop background, and its a bit blurry right now.

Keep up the awesome work.