Wednesday, May 07, 2008

street fighters too

Udon is doing a streetfighter tribute book. it's going to be hundreds of pages of fan art by both pros and submissions.

i did a piece for the book, and they've asked us to keep it secret, but here's a small crop of the entire piece to try to entice you. (^_^ ) hahaha

Here's the pre-order page if anybody is interested in the Hardcover:



Anonymous said...

I'd definitely like to get that, but $80? Plus another $20 for shipping? Are they insane?

Unknown said...

There's a less expensive soft cover coming, i think that this Hardcover is appealing to collectors. It is over 300 pages, which is a pretty substantial book at 8.25" by 11.25".

Pick up the softcover at a convention and i'll sure you'll be pleased with your purchase.



g1toons said...

nice, congrats looks like fun