Saturday, October 13, 2007

inch (worm) by inch (worm)

inch by inch it's a sinch*,
by the yard it gets hard.

i looked "sinch" up on dictionary dot com, since i wasn't really sure how to spell it. the spelling i used wasn't listed as a spelling for the thought i'm trying to convey, but i'm going to go with it anyways.

"sinch" is supposed to be slang for simple. "it's a sinch!" (it's really easy.) so what i'm trying to say is that if you break something down into small steps, it can ge accomplished easily. if you try to do too much at once, it can be very difficult. this applies to me making these paintings - if i tried to sit down and paint 400 in one sitting, i might fail, but if i did a few a week for a few years - it might be fun. ^___^

nobody asked me but that was on my mind today as i was painting this pet. after over four hundred of these, the process has gotten pretty simple for me to go through.

that's not to say digital painting is easy or coming up with these is easy, because sometimes it's not - but i'm going to have to say that the 400th one was much easier than the 1st one. according to a good friend of mine, once i have painted 500 of these, i will be good at making them.

( *__* )


*sinch should be cinch

thank g_d i'm not an english teaching person...


Beatriz Iglesias said...

Funny! And you obtained the transparency perfectly!

Derek said...

Cinch, man! It's a cinch!