Saturday, August 18, 2007

what to do when it gets hard.

Sometimes it gets hard. It gets really really hard.

That is a fact of life.

That happens.

Just like that.

You sit down to handle your business thinking that this is going to be a smooth ride, but it's not. It's doesn't always go down like that. Sometimes, the going down is just not that simple.

What you've got to do, when it gets hard, is this:

You gotta push through it. You've got to push through. Just stick it out, keep on riding - pace yourself - and push through.

You'll come around. If you try your best and keep your eyes on the prize, you can stick it.

I didn't have a pose in mind tonight, i was just painting blobs as usual, and then i this came out - it was really hard, but i pushed through and the piece looks decent. i think it's good to not shy away from something just because it's a little rough.

art is usually fun, but that doesn't mean that art is usually easy.

be seeing you,
number six


bala said...

excellent work!

you got a unique style!
love all your black and white art series!

bala said...

thanx for your comments on my work!

Unknown said...

beautiful B/W design!

Unknown said...

thanks alina! Hey - did you change your avatar? i changed mine today too! ^____^

love your new one.


adam H. said...

Nicely put. Also, thanks for
the pep talk a while back.
I'll get my ass in gear and
crank out some awesome stuff.