Monday, August 13, 2007

sink and swim

i'm listening to the band of brother's soundtrack and painting more naked girls swimming in blobs of black.

go figure.

i went to the frame shop yesterday to deliver some sketches to a guy who works there.

after i willed myself in, past the locked-closed doors, i ended up hanging out with three of the framers there - including "the little girl from the frame store", whom is less "little" than the name implies, yet tiny enough to justify the title; additionally she is very cute.

she visited my blog some time ago and expressed in the back room, whilst finishing up some orders and getting ready to close, that she liked the "naked chicks" that i painted.

artists do need an occasional push in any particular direction. much like rocks, we will let gravity hold us in the same spot, because it is comfortable. much like rocks, we will wait until we are kicked or plucked up and rolled, because of an inertia.

now i find myself craving the next DVD episode of "the wire" and while i am delaying the pleasure of popping in the disc, i decided to finish this piece to share with all of you (anybody who is watching) and perhaps even the little girl from the frame store. you (and she) are very welcome to let slip what you're interested in seeing, and i, to the best of my free time and abilities, will try to see it through.

be seeing you.

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weezie said...

The Wire is most excellent. There's a forensics scene in an apartment with the two detectives trying to figure out how a bullet came in through a window. One single word of dialogue repeated over and over by both characters sums up their emotions and expertise perfectly. The scene reminded me of you for some reason.