Friday, July 13, 2007

being a professional aint easy

well, i don't want to upload all of the images i did this week, but here's one:

it's from a movie, and i'm not going to tell which one, but once you know it should be obvious.

i'm in an art show at gallery1988 it's called crazy for cult, and the theme is a bunch of cult classic movie art interpretations. i did five pieces and they'll all be there Tuesday the 17th of this month. stop by if you're in the area. it should be really fun.

i'll post more scans from it later next week, and now i'll have time for some digital soon.



Mark Behm said...

A classic for sure. Nice.

allen etter said...

Leon the Professional, eh? Nice job...or was I not supposed to say.

Unknown said...

you got it.

i don't think you ruined the idea for anybody. ^____^

i hope that i've conveyed it well enough!


Anonymous said...

I totally love this piece!!! I wished that I could have purchased it.--F.L.

marv said...

Hello, I ran across your work via Kevin Smith's blog. Any chance prints of this piece will ever be available? I love it, it's a MUST own! Thx