Sunday, November 12, 2006

not my steeloh yalls

i finished this earlier this weekend with the help of some super critical friends - thanks guys (and girls).

it's for the "last man standing" round 3... enjoy

i'm not really into the style but i think people will like it, so i'm trying to cater to their wants. i hope it worked out.



Eunice said...

Awesome lighting! Beautiful textures on the architecture, too! Hope you do well!

Anonymous said...

the architecture looks somewhat familiar, very old, classic san diego; maybe old town or balboa park.
great job, very diffreent from your typical style, great change. inspirational.

Adam Ford said...

Masterfully executed. I love the sophisication of your color pallettes and design. Great!

craig said...

Great composition and color choices. Impressive indeed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, I showed the LMS thread to some relatives the other night, and my brother-in-law said "Whoa" when your piece showed up on my scroll down. It really is a beatiful piece, but don't feel like you need to cater to the "CA style". I really enjoy your work on its own!

Mark Behm said...

Very cool choices, not matter what style of finish.

Anonymous said...


Checked out your stuff- pretty neat and I dig the colors. You've got some pretty interesting creatures there... :) Very original. I dig this one a lot. It looks like something I'd go for; more realistic. I like. Way to go.

-N8 T.