Friday, May 26, 2006

kahoots - andrew

i'm going to a western bar or something... some place with line dancing and leather slapping...

this is going to truly be an interesting evening.

the rumor is that you have to tuck your shirt in at the "club".

¿what gives? i'm a slob, i don't want to project a false image.

it's not that i hate country music, it's just that i would rather poke holes into my chest plate with a rusty screwdriver than be locked in a room with a country soundtrack.

i'm going because old friends are there and it will be a good trip down memory avenue.

maybe i'll come home drunk and do a western girl post it pet.

this is "derwolley".

enjoy your friday night and don't drive drunk.


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Shelly Wan said...

Howdy. here's the info on the wendling show:

hope u had fun!