Saturday, April 01, 2006

¿what did you do on saturday night? - andrew

i'm not feeling very creative.

i was coughing and i went to the restroom to grab some tissue with which to blow my nose. good thing that i went to that particular room in the house because as i was coughing violently enough to shoot a marble out of my throat like a cannon -- through plate metal - i barfed the entire contents of my dinner into the sink.

it was an awesome shot. consider the luck.

i managed to direct the flow just as it was passing up past my esophagu.... (¿how do you spell that?) - well, throat - right into the sink on a hook shot. it was like the game winning point for a college championship game.

i thank g_d not for the illness, but for the "skillness" that i had at that very moment.

at any rate....

i'm not feeling very creative. i'm going to go watch tv for the rest of the night.

this is "the network says". i will rework it once i feel better and add some depth to an otherwise completely boring concept.


updated version - i don't know what the hell is going on with him. i suppose it's the result of being forced awake by a drunken noisy roommate and not being able to sleep. not so sure about those roots, but i like the form a little more.

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Geo said...

Stories about phlegm and throwup are always cool. And I like Mr. Test pattern too.( tentacles and floating eyeball version)