Sunday, April 16, 2006

and then his head exploded - andrew

last night was the kind of fun you're only supposed to have two or three times a year - otherwise your liver will stop promoting life and you will have to call it a deather, as it will then promote death.

it started out with a white russian.

his name was stoss and he showed up at my place with ted, yomal, and his super cute chinese friend, yang. ironically enough, i was drinking white russians, something i managed to swipe from the dude in the big lebowski. it's really quite a tasty drink. kind of like a chocolate milk mixed with satan's own tears. it will do-you-in if you put down enough of them, but it's the kind of do-you-in that ends with group hugs, or super friendship pacts, or getting telephone numbers from girls who live in pacific beach.

we had a few drinks and a few shots then headed down to kava lounge - where the music was good, the drinks were weird, and the girls were the kind of unattractive i usually reserve for vultures or sloths or - what are those things that swim miles below sea level with the lamps dangling from their heads? yah, those.

also i made a refference to sea cows.

thirty minutes at kava felt like ninety minutes at the zoo, watching the hippos dance around to an african soundtrack pumped through cheap industrial grade theme park speakers.

well, the music WAS good, but i'm not going to try to sell it.

AP lounge was second on the list. ten dollars cover and ten minutes later, we walked in and ended up staying until they flashed the lights on us. Yomal made a few passes, stoss attracted a young PB girl, yang looked like she was fighting sleep, and ted, the D.D. watched in amusement as i was blocked out by a very cute girl's set of three questionably straight male friends.

i managed to drink myself into that state where your autopilot dictates nearly every action, but still looks reasonably sober. i haven't done that in a few days, so i was pleased to be so numb that i couldn't feel my teeth.

i texted a few people drunken texts and had some thoughts that i'll probably need to repent for.

enough about debauchery.

happy easter.



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frank2.0 said...

Ah, that's what you guys have been doing without me! LOL. Gifted and prolific...with chicks and the artwork. Go get'em kid!