Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mad Monster Party

Dear Humans,

Phillip Graffham is curating a show at Van Eaton galleries in LA.  He invited me to do a piece based on a Rankin Bass movie called Mad Monster Party.

I'd never seen it, but I Blu-Rayed it and peeped it on mah big screen.

It's BEAUTIFUL.  Character designs are tits.  I mean that in a few ways...

Story was well, era appropriately slow, but it's really fun to watch.  Stop motion is a blast and I love the creepy yet happy looking characters in those sorts of movies.  Everybody remembers the Christmas one, but this one is also pretty hotness.

I'll post up a preview now and drop the piece after the show commences.

One of the Mad Monster Party lackies next to a lineup of zombie bell hop.

Bell zhomppies?

No. It doesn't work.
be seeing you,

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