Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crazy 4 Cult 6 - 1988 piece

The piece is up for purchase.

This is a print available at the Crazy 4 Cult show in NYC right now from Jensen's Gallery 1988.

Please spread the word around,  I would love to make a few dollars of this labor of love.  Although, to be honest, if it doesn't sell, I couldn't care less because I made this thing for me/people like me.  You, if you're a child of the 80s or love any of these classics.

If you can't see the TLC that went in, then you're blind.  So if you like it, pick one up from G1988.  They're signed, stamped, and numbered to 50.  That's all there will ever be. (^__^)
The title of the piece is 1988.
I think I mentioned before that if you don't know why this is titled 1988, then you aren't even on my radar.
These are all classics that I've loved since the first time I saw them.  Baron Munchausen is in my frequently watched rotation.  And Akira - used to be teh hotness, but I know so many cartoons have borrowed or stolen from it that it doesn't seem unqiue.   Back then, to see Tetsuo and Kaneda engaged in battle was awesome - all the weird organic tech with the oozing stuff here and there.

Akira was one of those awesome cyberpunk inspiration pieces that is now a cliche but I think if you watched it you wouldn't be disappointed.  Anime does tend to be choppy - I love it, but I can acknowledge the frame skips or recycled animation.  Akira is a little less of that - it's a pretty high quality flick.  Good movie.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit - The weasels, baby Herman, that awesome cartoon gun... JESSICA'S PROPORTIONS.  All of those toons were dope.  I had to pay tribute.  I know it's all super deformed but I hope some of the goodness comes across.  Seriously people - Jessica's rack.  Dudes that think cartoons are for kids still take a second look when she's strutting around in glittery purple and singing "Get outa town" or whatever the hell she was saying.

Baron Munchausen is one of Gilliam's greats (to me) I've heard/read that it wasn't so critically acclaimed, but those critics are as dumb as sack of potatoes. There is so much imagination and actualized practical effects that you can't help but love some of the thing.  The score is super.  The actors are perfect characters - hell, even STING is in the movie.  Seriously - small cameo.  Robin Williams, Oliver Reed, Uma Thurman? Check.

I always loved how that movie is a giant metaphor for how important art and creativity are over logic and reason.  (Healthy doses of both do you good) but it's a very strong artistic statement about the power of imagination.

Maybe I'm reading too deep, but I love it.


'Nuff said.



kleer001 said...

Oh wow, powerful stuff there. Full on nostalgia treats! So much going on, so much love. Worth ever hour in my opinion. Thanks for rockin' it!

I only saw Roger Rabbit in the theatre, Akira when I was in HS in 93, Baron Munchhausen and Bettlejuice around there too. Good thing too, it would have blown my poor little mind.

Damcanadian said...

also WTF, just noticed your next art show is the 31st?! that's an awful date lol, its my birthday(Ill be 30, OLD) and I'm a shift manager in the classic gaming room at PAX that morning(you going?), your making that day WAY to filled.

Unknown said...

Kleer - we are cut from the same kloth.

Mat - tickets were sold out like.. before I moved to seattle! I wanna go but I'm afraid I can't get in.

I hope to see you at the show man.


Unknown said...

So much to take in... I even read that last bit in Judge Doom's voice.

And the yelling Keneda/Tetsuo scenes are a blast! But... Y U NO giant blob Tetsuo?! :p

If you ever move into the 90s content, I hope to see The Dude in there (Big Lebowski).

Awesome poster!

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

It's cray awesome wicked good, my friend. Level up, for you!

Unknown said...

3 things:

Thing 1. Drake!!!!

Thing 2. thank you.

Thing 3 - Unknown - he's coming out of the clown's mouth! :-) Not in entirety but a good portion, right?

Damcanadian said...

ill see what I can do for you man, might be able to get a day ticket for you. cant promise anything, but what day works best for you of the weekend?

Unknown said...

That would be aces. Saturday is probably best in life.

Anonymous said...


Damcanadian said...

email sent regarding PAX

thedave said... were right.....i love it!!!! I can't believe you actually had Akira in there when that was my guess off of your hint of 1988....amazing and articulate stuff as always....keep it up and more AKIRA!!!!! HHHAAAA...pedopu was my word verification.