Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More words. I did an interview with a cool blogger.

Interview with Andrew Wilson on "On the Level Gaming" Tumblr Blog thing.

If you've ever wanted to know anything, then don't read what I write, because it's somehow the opposite of good information. Then again, I do know allot about me, and if you want to, then you can read it up there on that link.

My pixels should speak for themselves, right?  Bright... Colorful... BOOBIES.

Conan (&Rew.) What is best in life?
To draw awesome things.
Let their boobies and asses hang out.
And post them on the internet for people to love, tattoo on their bodies, or hate and curse about.

Regarding cursing, I have a funny anecdote to relay about an older woman hating the naughty bits on my paintings.

Enough talk from me, GO READ THE INTERVIEW WITH TALKING, from me.


Reblog it if you think it's neat and want me to get more eyeballs.  I know I do.

you'll be hearing from my lawyers,


I will post art tomorrow.  Currently I'm fresh out.

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