Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Destro and the Baroness (of Gi Joe fame) sitting in a tree...

....about to drop a suitcase nuke down your m_ther f_cking throat.

Just kidding but seriously.

I've been super busy working on the next Crazy 4 Cult piece, which is going to be insanely awesome if I do say so myself, but this has caused a major lapse of other art.

No big problem right, just MAKE MORE ART you say? Well, uhhh, yah, just give me a few more hours in the day. IT'S SO EASY FOR YOU TO SAY. Heh.

So I got up early this morning and drew GI Joe stuff.  Baroness and Destro sketches.  Yes, I'll be coloring them up. NOT SOON, but soon enough.

Destro. What's that short for? Destropolus, I imagine.  With a name like that, you know the bullies beat the crap out of him.
What's the Baroness hiding under that tight pleather cat suit? NOTHING, there's absolutely no room for it.
I sketched an alternate hair style so you can bitch when I don't paint the one you like. ;p  Which one do you like though?

I'll bet Destro would just lurve the Baroness to wrap her legs around that shiny widdle metal face of his.  You know who commands the cobra in that house.

I have about a million pieces of artwork that are "due" this summer, so I'd better get started on them now that I'm done with the Gallery 1988 crazy for cult stuff.

Thank you for your patience. <3

Don't do drugs and stay in school kids,
G.I. Andrew


kleer001 said...

Haven't popped in in a bit. Happy to see you're still rockin' hard on that retro $h!t, word.

Me, I like the alt hair with the straight angled bangs. Still dead sexy, yo.

Unknown said...

Cool. I haven't been active for a while here, but that's about to change as I'm done with projects.

I kinda like that one too, but I also sorta like the 80s feeling wave stuff.


dickard said...

I concur with kleer. Digin the G.I Joe concepts AND liking the alt hair style better. Glad to see you updating...FINALLY. :P good stuff as always.