Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Skull grrrrrl Filia

I took liberties on painting a skull girls character called Filia and did a paint sketch this evening.

One of the comments in the last post was asking about a game called Skull Girls and I haven't tried it but I looked it up.  It looks like indie spirit with allot of production value.  Props to the creators.  It's all about thigh highs and weird combos.  You've seen my art, this is no far cry from what I like to paint.  I am well aware that Filia doesn't really look like this, but... who's writing a blog post and doesn't give a f_ck?

I'm working on another giant monstrosity of an art piece, so I don't have time to realize anything fully except *it* for a while.  Rest assured that if you like 80s movies as much as I do (especially around the year 1988) you'll love what I've got cooking.  Yes, it's art crack for the late 80s nerd.


I painted this tonight.
I don't have time to do anything quite as OCD as I usually paint, but I wanted to tackle the character.

Also also,  I can't believe more people didn't drop ideas in the suggestion box for the last post. My g_d internet, are blogs that flash in the pan these days!  Well, I'mma put down some good pixels and see if I can't generate more interest next time. And to all you peeps who email me with things you'd like to see me paint - shame on you for missing a golden opportunity.  I oughta wip you with the mouse you came in on!

If you ordered prints over the last week and a half, I now have shipping material and they'll be going out soon.  Thanks so much for the orders - I will email you after I've put them in the post.

enjoy the art and hope to see you around!


Rupe said...

It's really cool that you took the time to check out my suggestion
and I hope there's more where this came from.

Damcanadian said...

sweet, love the game and your drawing, should have done it of peacock though, shes my favorite, though a sexy version of her might be hard to do. lol

Samolo said...

Awesome take on the char, the animation on the characters of that game are pure awesomeness. I know I don't shut it about it... bu no news about the pinup book? no left overs?

Well, it was friday, the day internet dies to be reborn monday... how curious that ppl are on internet when themy are at work... curious...

Unknown said...

Thanks Rupe. I like to interact with people, so ya, i just wanna have fun. (^__^)

DamC. - Peacock? I'll look her up right now. Hhhaaaah - yup. That would be tough indeed.

Samo! NO EXCUSES MISTER. Also, ya, totally, internet is best when you're supposed to be doing something else.

I DO have a few of those books left. I think5 out of 20 remain? I've got to grab them from my studio and then I'll put em up for sale. K?


Samolo said...

Yes do! I have some internet moneys save just in case you got a book left. Remember to add the international shipping option... forsaken land of mexico, kingdom of the man-eating enchiladas and the gasthly Taco brothers.

Unknown said...

Dude, i LOVE enchilladas.