Saturday, December 24, 2011

Team Fortress 2 inspired kicks

Christmas came early!

"Kicks" means "shoes" in some cultures... (mild sarcasm mixed with fact for out of touch old people that might be or might not be reading this)

I built these shoes for myself using the Nike iD site. They're Team fortress 2 style shoes. Particularly, these ones are the engineer. The tongues say "nope.avi" If you get that, you're a serious nerd and quite possibly a TF2 fan.

I've gotta rain proof these m_thers and then i'll rock them on my way to work. Perhaps i'll even work on the engineer while wearing them. Now that would be awesomely meta.

Here's to hoping you get all the custom shoes you desire for Christmas. (Cause I know that's what you want).


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