Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A female version of Mega Man? Rokko Chan

Yes, it's free and super fun. GO PLAY ROKKO CHAN.

I did some fan art. Here's Rokko Chan - the kickass girl version of Mega Man with a pony tail. I made her a little more sultry than she is in game, but you know, props to the guys who made it. They really kick but. Indie games are the best and these guys are doing a great job.

Their names are Taro, Dotter C, Asagen, Uji, and Jey. Nice cute design guys, she's a hottie.

The game is SUPER hard at first. For some people it will be a breeze if they've played allot of megaman, but I went ahead and did a little leg work to hook you up.

Here's a link to the game:
Rokko Chan

If you need a few extra energy tanks when you begin, here's a password for you. I dont' like cheats or cheaters, BUT if you don't have time to farm tanks or get good - I'll give you some booster help.

Some extra energy tanks:
Oh. You want to see the end but plainly suck? Ok, here's a password to Dr. Mad, then end section of the game (with a couple of extra energy tanks). Trust me, you'll still need to know what weapons to use on whom, so this won't get you all the way there, buuuut, if you're frustrated and just want to see the content, I'm hooking you up.

Password to the castle with a bunch of E-tanks:
I can't guarantee these passwords will always work - what if they update the build? Nor the links, since I don't host it. So go play it now before it's too late.

Support the indie game scene however you can, because it's the soul of video games.


PS. My stats show me that several people found this site by googling "sillyhowitgoes". WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT? Srsly.

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