Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New VideoGame/Anime print up with Mario and Misty


Limited to 25 pieces signed and numbered

Big digital version of the painting:
Mario, Misty from Pokemon, Catbuses from Ghibli movies. There's a ton in there. All anime or games that I heart very much. On a corner of Japan called Shibuya 109. Google it and you'll see the same shots.

And ya, I was gratuitous about the booty. Why the f_ck not?



kleer001 said...

Simply lovely. So many nice touches. And the subtle palette is pleasing to the eye balls. Go go hot a$$!

Samolo said...

Oh my goodness... this is SO cool, my wife and I were stunned by so much coolness and checking out all the stuff you added...

Btw... do you still have the metroid color wheel thingies, right? tell me you do! since you haven't replied I asumed you were busy as hell, but I hope you don't sell out all of 'em and no art for good ol' Samolo. An remember, shipping to Mexico, land of the zombie tacos.

Peace, man!

Justin Rampage said...

This is amazing dude. I love all of the anime and games that you included into the piece. [Rampaged]

Unknown said...

Thanks you guys. Glad you dig.

Soon up is a piece in a similar vein but starwars-i-fied. If I can find time.


sammi said...

you hit this one out of the park

Unknown said...

Thanks sammi.

ThatGuy said...

I got number 8/25 today. Hope you don't mind that I'm planning on hanging it in the bathroom once I found a frame ;)

Unknown said...

No mind at all. That's a great place for art distinction. Lots of eyeball time in there for prints I suppose. (^__^)

I hope oneday that I can make something to claim prime realestate next to the entry hall.


Unknown said...

you beast!