Wednesday, August 03, 2011


another pic of you-know-who. (or maybe you don't)

this is rough. the sketch for an upcoming print likely. i have no idea if it will be anything like this when it's finished, but i did feel like posting her.

in other news - anybody have any good seattle recommendations for printing shirts?



Trixi said...

The best thing to see after a long day :)

molli brown said...

Do you live in Seattle now?

Unknown said...

Yes miss. I am now a seattalian. Or whatever the f_ck these people like to call themselves. (seattleite).


Damcanadian said...

great looking piece, would love to have a print of it.

Unknown said...

Ho ho ho - Damn Canadian! You're playing on my inability to put up a store aren't you!

Clever boy. One day you'll see - i'll make something of myself! ONE DAAAAAY.