Friday, August 26, 2011

MB (Mother F-cking Brain)

I did a quick Mother Brain sketch based on the Captain N mother brain, which I love.
And started modeling the mother brain in a jar concept - although this will require clear plastic, and I'm not sure how well it will work...

So I'm going to have to work on a solution to that.
and a wireframe if you'd like it.



Samolo said...

Oh, I used tou love the captain N's Mother Brain, I made one whithin a jar out of clay when I was a child.

And about you MB... clear plastic would look neat, I dig when figure have plastic cristal something, but you can make the front part of the jar broken (it ends broken anyway) and the top and the rest could be regular plastic, don't know what you think.

adam H. said...

Few ideas on the jar. 1). You could try to buy up a bunch of junk that has blister or clamshell packaging and try to frankenstein something together which could be super time consuming and suck. 2). Model the jar shape, then get a sheet of acetate and try to heat it up till it forms around and creates your jar. 3). Model all the parts and submerge them in epoxy. Keep your windows open for that one. Hopefully that sparks a few ideas. Good luck. Can't wait to see the final. Capn' N Mother Brain is genius.

Unknown said...

I've got a good plan on the Jar. Samus has to get done first cause there's a deadline on it - MB will have to be on my wish list. But I do have some good ideas on how to go about it! Thanks for the input you guys.