Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Almost thurr

Got a temp setup going today and worked on the Samus Pin up. Tomorrow and she'll be all painted up.

I'm thinking next - "Mistress Chief" (halo themed?!?) although not nintendo at all... ¿Portal themed pin up? ¿Team Fortress?

Or maybe an Orion Slave girl, from star trek? Naw, F that. The girl who said she'd come by the con dressed as an Orion Slave girl totally flaked, so that will be a negative.

There are a few pieces I've talked to people about making, I should probably get on that. Although I will have to do another pic for the back of this postcard. - line art, so those never take too long.



Justin Rodrigues said...

Cool stuff. Love the "nose art" idea.

Dæth by Design said...

Def portal pin-up. Mistress Chief was done in DOA on Xbox already lol.

FBT said...

I second Portal :3