Monday, May 30, 2011

Postcard book cover

The book I'm working on is a compilation of the art pieces I've been doing for art director for a day, postcards, and some additional art that's been created in the last year or so.

¿What's left? Well, I keep ADDING pages, which is fine by me, but I hadn't gotten a cover done yet. I had the concept down - I want it to look SORT of like a package bound by twine with fake customs stamps and weird postal looking doohickeys, a few postage stamps, the works like that.

Well, I worked on it this weekend and everything is set up minus a focal point painting on the front and a lil one on the back.

Here's the cover (and back cover) in its first stages. The book will be square and around 8 - 10 inches depending on prices and how many people are interested.



jerome said...

This will be epic. I will purchase one and cherish it forever!!! Can't wait!!!

Samolo said...

Keep us posted! and remember to put the international shipping rate, loved Forgotten Kingdom and will love to have another one of you books. I'm a fan and a happy customer indeed.