Friday, May 13, 2011

AD4AD4: Ok.. let's get started (and promptly finished)

Art director for a day number 4 is on!

I picked an email entry. It took me so long because secretly I wanted to do ALL the choices. Thanks to all you guys for emailing me or posting choices. I really appreciate the participation.

So on to the art. I wanted to finish THIS WEEK. Which means til Sunday, but there's no way that will happen, will it? Shoot - maybe!

So the one I picked is "Create some old WWII airplane nose art. The pinup stuff that is kind of racy. Use a character or theme from a video game for the girl and stickers on the plane, and give her s slogan on the side."

Soooo I really love this idea. Looking at the ref, I have it all figured out. Here's a plane vanilla sketch. I'm going to spend the next 30 minutes making it look like it's from mario brothers. We'll see what happens. I'm goign to try to get it all the way through flats and to some of the final paints by noon.


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