Wednesday, April 06, 2011


While I'm posting sketches like mad - here's another one. This is for an artbook due out later this year working with the make-a-wish foundation and a convention I'll be at.

This one will be tame as far as booty shots or bewbs or anything suggestive at all. I just want it to be cute, but of course, I have to load the art with little skull ghosts and whatnot. I need to make it G, you know? And I don't do enough art for good causes.

Now that I've gotten through all these sketches, I need to start painting these suckers up.



edgar said...

whats more fun? sketching or painting?

Trixi said...

Damn, I like it. I also like the new layout :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Trixi. I just swapped it out since the other one was sort of weird. The header never loaded on some browsers. I'm constantly tweaking this layout as I'm not in love with it. All I really car about I spose is tha' art on top, right? :-)

Edgar - i'll post on that later if you really care to hear.