Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Nightmare Princess strikes

Working on the 5x7 print that's going to come with the 10-Doh figures....

After Chito AKA Kwest One. Posted a drawing he did for the Squid Kids 10-Doh project, I decided my 5x7 had to be more interesting. This is the first sketch. IDK if I’m going to go with flat simple colors or go stark raving mad with the rainbow like I usually do.

and an MP3 for good measure:
Kola Kid - Square Spooner Fisher Pusher



kleer001 said...

Not that is was hard to find, but here's Kola Kid's myspace page:

Good. Shizzle.
Also, it's great to see you push your art.
Is there a waiting list for this print yet?


Trixi said...

That is going to be absolutely epic. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

And that "song" ain't that bad either.

Unknown said...

Good deal, thanks Kleer. Kola Kid has some rad tracks.

Workin on it Trixi. WORKIN!