Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Day Card extraveganza

Ok peeps, I'm creating valentine's day postcards. If you'd like one, follow these instructions precisely (unless you see my in every day life).

The left card is the innocent one and the card on the right is quite dirty. It's all in good humor - prudes need not apply. (kindly) (- . - )

I'm going to try to get these out by valentines day. The art is done and I'll send them to the printer on Monday. (definitely not on time for those of you outside of the US though, but I'll still mail em out). If you want one, follow the steps exactly as written please.

1. Email me. My address name is genie and the domain is -(at)- fourthwish -(dot)- com
2. Title the email "Valentines day card"
3. Include your mailing address in the body. EVEN IF YOU KNOW I HAVE IT! It's much easier for me to batch all these cards out when the address is right in front of my eyeballs.
4. Include whether you'd like the naughty painting or the nice painting.

I'm taking emails until Wednesday midnight, so if you email me after that, all bets off.
Both sets will come with 2 cards, but the naughty set will include the far more suggestive picture instead of the girl with, well, socks on... (^__^)

also, for those of you scoping this on FaceBook, which I've just joined, as Am I supposed to post this stuff publicly? I still have no idea what I'm doing. I'd better not end up murdered because of FB.

Enough talking, here's the goods:
And here's the naughty (well, NAUGHTIER) version:cheers,


Unknown said...

ohhhh dear. Now I see what you were talking about. Haha! Kick ass. Or should I say spank ass?

Anonymous said...