Friday, January 21, 2011

This guy will blow you away.

You know who this dude is?

That's correct. His name is airman. He's from MegaMan2, and he's rad.

I always loved the classic design, but I wanted something a little more hulking and weird. Maybe to balance all the cutesy other ones. It's nice to have a couple top heavy designs to make the nimble ones look nimbler.

At this point I'm done with the MegaMan illustration, but I didn't want to stop making megaDudes. So you can expect more over the next weeks or months or whatever. I will at least run through the other guys from two at some point. That's:
and heatman

Not to mention I'll probably be drawing more Tron Bonne what with her metalkini and whatnot.



Samolo said...

This is by far, my favorite, and he sure makes the others looks nimbler, and if I recall correctly he indeed was a hard dude to defeat

The Brad said...


Unknown said...

Nice dude! Love this style -- reminds me of Rob Schrab, specifically Scud.