Monday, January 17, 2011

Q. ¿Where does she put her spare change?

A. With an outfit like that, you don't need money.

"Tron Bonne" A capcom MegaMan characters who has a metal plate for a vajayjay. I kid you not. I guess robots are into that sort of thing.

I had to fight not to put this character into the illustration.

Maybe there's time to squeeze her in, but I have my doubts.



Samolo said...

Maybe she have a hidden pocket or something, who knows!

Even if you don´t add her to the final equation she still rocks! hope you'll give her some colors even if she's not in.

By the way... did you got my mail?

Unknown said...

Yes Samolo, I'm about halfway through the postcards/email in the box, but I've just checked an it's there! I'll reply back to you in person, and thanks!