Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daft Punk x Mega Man x &Rew.

Daft Punk x Mega Man x &Rew =

I had to. They're just too cool.

And now for some megaman music. I think 2 is the alleged classic for music, but I prefer 3. Here are a few tracks. I don't expect anyone who didn't grow up with this to love it, buuuuuut try it and maybe you'll be inspired?

Mega Man 3: Boss Select

Mega Man 3: Get Weapon

Mega Man 3: Magnet Man

Spamtron "Destroy Mega Man" remix from 8BC

be seeing you,


jerome said...

This needs to be animated!!! Too saweeet!!!

thedave said...

yeah they look great man....have you ever seen their film "Electroma"? Its mad brilliant.

Ed Lewis said...

Hey. I made a 3D model based off these and my coworker painted it. Results here

Unknown said...

Ed - that's awesome man! Good work.