Monday, December 06, 2010

sink your claws in

This song is a couple years old and a couple years rad. barbara morgenstern is a german electro-pop musician who is very liberal in her music. it's obvious that she's making tracks that she feels passion in making and she doesn't really give a fuck what you or i think. that's good, that way the art is pure. you know?

her live music is so dope.

i want to paint while she plays music and just really tear some sh_t up. it's the kind of music that makes me want to break glass with my art. that's the best way I can put it. and it's not really that high octane, it's just the spirit.

if you want the full experience you'll have to paint to one of her albums drunk off scotch. if you come and find me, i'll pour you the glass and you can pick out the album.

Barbara Morgenstern - Come To Berlin (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix)

Barbara Morgenstern - bm:

be seeing you,

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Trixi said...

I didn't know you had such a good taste in music xD

The pic is awesome as always.