Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little taste.

This is 50 % of the piece, although I tweaked the colors so it would look like, well, you get the hint...

I'll save the other half for after the cards come in.

be seeing you,


Trixi said...

Have I told you how freaking talented you are?

Samolo said...

Sweet looking as usual, the halloween postcard arrived well btw, first one I have ever recieved! hope I can make the cut to this one since I'll probably be online most of the time but I'll give it a shot!

About the books, sorry for not replying earlier, lots of work and stuff, I'll think I may be able to buy just "Forgotten Kingdom"... but don't know if is easier to talk about it via mail, the same email as for the postcard is ok?

Unknown said...

Trixi - Thank you so much! I'm not sure about the talent part, but I am sure that I love creating little juicy creatures and whatnot. They're not for everybody, but I'm glad that I can entertain you.

Yo Samolo - cool cool man. No problem at all. Everybody on earth seems to be really busy, despite technology making it easier and easier to communicate - that's a pretty big contradiction right? At any rate, you're very welcome. Same email indeed sir. Take care!


kleer001 said...

Ah ha, nice! Smashing as ever, truly.

Do you have a fav Street Fighter character or generation?

cashsmart said...

yes, very talented. This is EPIC!

Unknown said...

thank you vurry much sirs.

i'll crank more as i can.