Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hey Sexy Sexy Lady Lady.

The blue swan

again another photoshop painting, not the final version of the painting, cause I want to save that for when I send out cards, which again, will be late, but it's at the printers... yo.

Enjoy the piece (or not!) whatevs. It's thurr fur you.

sexy lady mixes, cause chun li and those thighs? RADiculous. Like a giant nut cracker. ¿Werd? Go get em Chun-Chuns. Make them b!tches pay.

If I did streetfighter they might be a little more chubby and cute, but they'd kick so. much. ass.



be seeing you,


Anonymous said...


Josh Lange said...

Love it. Hey, are you coming up for either of the new Gallery 1988 shows? Friday's is about Comedians and there's one on the 15th at their Venice location for video games. It'd be great to see you at either one.

Unknown said...

Yo josh, I WILL be at the Comedian show... as a matter of fact, I've done some artwork for it. I'll see you there for sure. And closer to the show, I'll do a post with the art pictured in it.