Sunday, November 21, 2010

The finished job.

Here are pics of the completed piece.

And a nother mario track to explode Trixi's ears! (^__^)

¿Much easier to listen to, right? And hey, it's also mario related. Woot.

That project was cool - now it's on to a few other things including preparing some art to send to a few people from the last AD4AD and some Holiday cards.

be seeing you,
number 6.


Trixi said...

That looks so damn cool!

Btw, my ears are thankful ;)

Unknown said...

Glad I could do them justice Miss Trixi.

Sculpting was hard work, I had made 2 so that the first one could contain errors and practice. The second one was the one that I finished completely and set up at the show.


Samolo said...

Extremely cool! Loved specially the eyebrows, they look so neat. Is the tail like a plushie? it looks soft.

I wasn't able to comment in the latest post, but be sure I'm watching!