Monday, October 18, 2010


more of this:

They're tiny but if you click, they get a little bigger.

I would probably have posted up the finished gremlin piece if i wasn't so excited that it's being printed into little bitty postcards right now! The only question is how long should I open the free mailer invitation? I can't possibly afford to send out a hundred of those things, but I also want to get them out to a ton of people. There-in lies the dilema. I'm thinking a 48 hour grab is good. That seems like enough time to get tha word out.

Plus I'm playing Castlevania. It's driving me crazy because it's good but they did some bonehead things in it. VERY derivative. God of War + Colossus + Darksiders. Character design is rad. Combat is good. Puzzles BAD. Colossus BAD. Climbing and platforming BAD. Music is ok. Dialogue and writing BAD. That's my simple review, but it's been taking lots of time away from my ability to art.

And yes, there is a quarter of a nipple on that last menu, so A. don't get too aroused and B. don't rat me out.

Be seeing you,


molli brown said...

Dude. Your Chipolte art is my favorite.

No wait, the piece you did of the princess from neverending story is my fave, then the girls you painted in wood with the pink backgrounds and then Chipolte art.

Can I request two sets of postcards? And I think 48 hours is a long time....maybe put a # on it, like the first 50 people get a postcard

Unknown said...

A. I'm very glad you like.

B. As a matter of fact, I'm going to post a link I should have been posting all along. I'm such a bad salesman.