Friday, September 03, 2010


custom stamps got made for next time i send postcards!



Trixi said...


(if all stamps looked like that I'd lick them)

Hado said...

Wow, those are great!

C.Deboda said...

Coool man! Makes me wanna start writing a bunch of letters.

(Sorry I couldn't top the previous comment above tho :( )

Unknown said...

Trixi. That makes me want to send you letters just to see what happens to them.

Thanks Hado and Debo.

Debo - u so crayzee.


molli brown said...

Those are awesome. You should sell them buy the sheet. I would buy some.

Unknown said...

Thank you Molli, they're not worth selling, but they're worth SENDING!

I'm going to be doing another postcard mailing day as soon as my next batch arrives (provided that they look good). Make sure to pop in then and you'll receive some in the mail.