Sunday, July 26, 2009

comic con is rad.

2 things:

Thing 1. Comic con is rad. I've met a ton of cool peeps. I even met demetri martin after the show on some side street.

Thing 2. I made more art because it's been a while since I did. I moved and hadn't set my computers up completely. I'm still shit for a set up - the keyboard scrapes my leg and the wacom is in a totally f_cked spot. I did manage to throw a few lines though. so i sat up for a good majority of the evening working this out while my buzz from all those white russians went away.

if you stopped by isle 1000 (H3) and said hi - and then checked the blog - i really aprpeciate you stopping by. Now go send that postcard I gave you to an art lover you know, and draw something sick (or really good) on the back of it (i think you know what i mean).

thing 3.

be seeing you,


Šviesa said...

These black and whites naked chicks are the sexyest i have ever seen! I am looking for something like your work to put on a wall in bedroom, these ones would be awesome :D ! Please tell if i can find you on facebook (to become fan ofcourse) and where it is possible to buy these masterpieces.

Anonymous said...

I found one of your b/w chicks on my harddrive. didn't find shit but the filename was original. Thanks for tagging it that way. =)
I find those b/w pics, how should i put it, FUCKING AWESOME. Great poses sometimes, great lines! I am interested in the process. Those lines arent drawn in a single stroke are they? They are vector based? Do you start on black and erase away?
Could you describe the process maybe, please?

Mary Lincoln said...

I saw your work at the San Diego convention - i really like it.

Unknown said...

Daria, thanks so much. i have some prints available. an online store should be coming very soon. i'll update the blog when it happens. i'm not a facebooker yet, but young people keep on telling me that i should be.

Anon, i'm glad you found me. thank you very much. i have an animated gif of how these are drawn somewhere below or maybe in a previous post. i'll break it down again at some point, but it's photoshop, the long strokes are thrown with one line but the rest of the image is drawn and erased sort of like scratch board. does that make sense?

Mary, good to meet you. thanks.



Anonymous said...

Found even 2 gifs. Now I am gonna try to create some fanart! =D

But another question: how much time does one take in average and in what resolution do you usually work?

Unknown said...

Anony - use yer name and leave a way I can contact you. It's so much easier than in comment spaces. :-)

These usually take me half a day or so and the resolution I work at is about 4000 pixels by 3000 pixels. But I turn em into illustrator at the end - which is resolution unlimited.


paran0id said...

Anon was me, URL points to sketchbook. But
I am basically nobody. I dont wanna clutter your brain with my insignificant self. Its not like I am of any use to you =P. And comments on your blog will force you to do more updates ^^.

Another question:
"These usually take me half a day or so" - this was a joke, right? Cause you said sometimes that you did them before sleep.

And another one:
Turning em into Illustrator? So you make them into vector graphics, like by hand every line again? Or is there some fancy automated process build in in Illu.?

Questions, questions, questions:
Where do you work, what do you do, if you dont mind asking? Cause I see like those cute monsters here and nothing else. NDA?

First piece of unfinished fanart =)
Composition sucks
Right arm horrible
Back inconsistent
Oh well...

Šviesa said...

i thinks it is quite good looking piece of fan art, but much less sexy than Andrew's :D I think it is important quality.

I would be interesting in answers to thoe questions too, it usualy is, when you like something, you like to know where it came from.

Unknown said...

That's a pretty cool piece you did there. I'm flattered to see some of my first fan art.

Sure, I can answer those questions for you two.

The time it takes is variable, the more complex they get - the longer it will take. Alternatively, if I'm not inspired, it can take a long time too.

Currently, I'm working at a video game comopany. The reason I don't really link them to my rants and raves on the blog is that I don't want to define myself by them, as they don't define themselves by me. It's a business relationship, and I currently don't want to muddle business and pleasure.

Currently I build characters. On the last project I was doing art direction. Usually, I'm happy to do whatever I can to progress a project. Cause I really like to see them finished.


Anonymous said...

ı like this.ı have a blog.I want to use this picture as the profile pic of.would you let me

Unknown said...

Ya you can use it on your blog. No problem.

Thanks for the compliment.