Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more SxSW film

I've recently seen
Observe and Report (awesome)
Lesbian Vampire Killers (super)
New World Order
& Trust Us, This is All Made Up (rad)

So far so good. Here's an answer key to my bag art for SXSW Film. I'm also posting some photos I snagged from Harry Knowles at the aint it cool website. I'll replace em when I get a chance to photograph the bag myself at some point.

SXSW is really awesome, but when I go back to watching movies at my local theaters (like Landmark Hillcrest and the Ken) I'll be sad to be watching these movies without all the camaraderie and even some of the actors or directors in the theater. That's a feature that seems to be making these movies seem better while I'm watching them. I fear that I'm enjoying them too much just because people who worked on them are in the crowd. Well, that's all over today as most of the bigshots have headed home.

be seeing you,


veronica said...

i want one of your bags! i have the coolest brother ever!

Unknown said...

Very cool indeed!

Unknown said...

Thanks Veronica - you're making me blush and of course I'll kick you down one when I see you for a holiday.

Savage - glad you dig.