Tuesday, March 10, 2009


i saw hostel tonight. i had netflixed it a million years ago and it was super low in my queueue.

F minus...

i'm a dude, and i likes me a few boobs, tail shaking, violence, and revenge. hostel though? no. i guess i've just been watching too many good movies lately to settle for that one. what's a good comparisson? it's like taco bell versus really-good-bertos-hole-in-the-wall mexican. And if you're not from So. Cal, or one of the other south western states - you may not know what a difference that is. down here they name all the restaurants to end in "bertos".

enough words.

i did another disney post-it pet. i promised a dude a long time ago i would do this guy, so here he is. kinda funky, but i do hope you enjoy it.

be seeing you,


Beatriz Iglesias said...

Wow! A GREAT one!
Love the colors and the way you use the lights...congrats! ;D

Justin said...

makes me think of something you would fight in the kingdom hearts game.
lov itfr

Grig said...

*___* fantastic! :)

Oscar Rosales said...

Very cool stuff!