Friday, January 09, 2009

Solo show at Culturator (Seoul, Korea)

Today I have the honor of showing in Seoul Korea at this awesome gallery -here- It's called Culturator or (Gallery + Ctrt) for short.

I'm really excited about it because it's the first place I've sold superhuge canvas prints of my characters. They look really nice, so you should stop by the site and take a look if you get the chance. (or if you're in seoul)

I didn't get to t=go to the show cause I'm busy with my day job, but I would love to oneday stop by there and meet the gallery owner Wany, who is a pretty chill guy. I really hope the show does well for his sake of setting everything up and coordinating over such a long distance. I'll put some pictures and link of/to the show when I have a chance to pick some cool ones out and upload them.

It's open till late January, so you still have time to stop by. (^____^)

be seeing you,


Anonymous said...

Your solo exhibition is going on pretty smoothly. We will take a good care of your 3D characters and silhouette artworks. ^^;
Cheers!!! Wany KIM from Gallery ctrt (

Unknown said...

Thanks Wany - you da man!


jimiyo said...

that is sweet man.

arent you in the US typically?

regardless, pretty awesome man. i hope to follow in your footsteps and get into some galley art one day.

Farivar (Freever) Eftekhari said...



I'm sure many more shows to come.
Your work looks beautiful up on the nice white walls.


Unknown said...

thanks fravir. long time no see. i'm going to have to drop by your blog to see what you've been up to.


Mr Benja said...

Yo, that virtual gallery on their site is pretty badass.