Friday, November 07, 2008

Go fly a kite, you!

I did this last night to just pass the time.

Now that I think about it - I never really could get those kites to fly right. I remember running around with the kite string in a field in New Mexico when I was about 3ft. tall.

At some point the kite took at down turn and smacked into the earth hard, which perhaps wouldn't have broken it, had the damn thing not gotten caught on a barbed wire fence.

Something tragic like that, although the memory escapes me just like the joys of flying the kite did on that day.

I kinda like the quip - "Oh - go fly a kite!" It's a pretty good one and it's not altogether too offensive. It gets the point over just so. Subtle, but minorly effective.



C.Deboda said...

Radical. Nice to see you mix things up with an environment piece here. Tho diggin all the Disney themed pets lately too.

Justin said...

that looks fantastic. I hate you.

great style, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Do you use a tablet? If yes, what kind?

Unknown said...

Thanks Chris, I appreciate it.

Justin, i will keep it up until my arm falls off.

anony - i do use a tablet. It's a wacom... i'm not sure which model it is... um, i think it's an intuos 2. It's one of the older ones. 6X9" Although I'm sure the newer ones do the trick as well. :-)


Anonymous said...

Love it ! Hope one day i'll handle my tablet this well. Great work