Saturday, September 13, 2008


i recently designed a simple logo for "fresh only bakery", which is a Pete Wentz thing.

it looks like this:

it looks like this on Pete dressed as a crazy baker:
They're not for sale, it's just P.R. thing and he's giving them away in super limited quantities around the states. it's good to see my art in photos but funny to see them in tabloid style mad baker paparazzi attacks.



Anonymous said...

That's a rowdy moustache.

Megan M said...

That's awesome that you got to design the logo for Pete! I really like and wish I lived in California so I could try to get a shrit.

Unknown said...

I want a shirt oh so badly.<3
Your art is amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you made the Fresh Only Bakery shirt it's really cool. I looked around your gallery a little bit and you are really really good but i guess you don't need me telling you that [:

Anonymous said...

Hey so LOVE THE SHIRTS! I'm desperately trying to find/get one and on it said to give you a i don't know what to say really...except if your picking it buy who wants it most it's definitely if you need to give me a holler or ask some questions or have me fill out an application my emails are:

My name is Miranda by the way

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt! I followed the white rabbit from to your site.
Love your stuff and would love to score one of these shirts.

Immski said...

Hey andrew, came to check out your goods. Yes, I did get here via but that hasn't effected my reaction to your work. May I say you have captivated me... anyway hope your future endeavors go well for you and congrats on the exposure with the Pete Wentz razzi photos. Also, I am no better than anyone else or want a shirt any more than some screaming chick. I am a regular dude who thinks the shirt is pretty cool and would like one. Wow what a long comment, I am too tired. Goodnight

Unknown said...

as far as deliveries or shirts - you're gonna have to keep checking F.o.b.'s pages. i'm sure the fresh baker has love for 'errbody but even superman can only be in one place atta time.

megan m - well shoot - you gotta come out to CA where all the action is at some point.

taty 2010, thanks - i'm glad you like it.

thanks Immski, i really appreciate it.