Wednesday, January 23, 2008


i recently finished a book, which i have been selling at shows and to people i come in contact with, but i'm offering it online as of tonight. click the link on the right to order it.

the beauties are going for $10 and i'm charging $5 to ship

it's a bunch of my paintings of characters - half monsters and the girls that love them. it's got poetry that's basically a biography of each character. it took me a while to put together and i'm really proud of it. it's a small book at about 5" square and it's 72 pages with hard covers and gold foil on it.

i think it looks fantastic, but you are going to have to order one to find out for yourself. and just think - if you buy a book - you're supporting me making hundreds of more drawings of weird jellybean like monsters. you are in essence, investing in a universe of imaginary monsters.

that's my pitch. i'm no salesman, but i hope you pick one up. and tell yer friends about it too. these things make great gifts and if you order one, tell me i sent you in the special instructions blank on paypall and i'll make sure i draw something in the cover for you.

( ^__^)

have a great night!


robi pena said...

Uuuaaaaahhh!!! I realy, realy love your works!! And cogratulations for your book! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I am really honoured!!

Beatriz Iglesias said...

You know I love your art work.
I want one, but I want it signed...this could be?

Unknown said...

robi - you have some great work! and thank YOU for dropping by here.

beatriz - of course i'll sign it! - i will draw a picture under the cover for you too as long as you let me know what sort of creatures you like.

( ^.^)


Beatriz Iglesias said...

I´d like one of your monsters...I like the stars, and I LOVE those mosters with tentacles and...,I don´t know...I like all your monsters!!!

When you´ve drawn it, tell me what I have to do to have (and enjoy) it!

Thanks a lot ^__^

Cereal Killer said...

congratulations man
your work is amazing
always surprise me
specially those black and white illustrations dude....

Dina Abou Karam said...

hello! im a big fan of your work, and im currently in possession of your book (the forgotten kingdom of imaginary friends)! it wasnt easy getting it, since i live in Lebanon, but i fell in love with your book the moment i saw it on Alberto Ruiz's blog back in the summer and i just had to have it! so i contacted Ruiz and westerned unioned him the money and now the book sleeps next to me! :D
thx again for making such an amazing inspiring book! i recommend it to everyone!

allen etter said...

Hey, thanks for the post on the Darkness Aftermath blog...I plan on ordering one of your books...we don't have credit cards (don't ask) so we are looking into other arrangements for getting one of your books. We'll send you a copy of the movie when it is done...perhaps you could review it or maybe it will inspire more creatures...

R.Dress said...

Putting this on my list of things to do. Looks great!

Unknown said...

Dina - WOAH - that's a very nice thing you've written. I am very proud to have a spot that close to you in Lebanon. I do hope that the characters will inspire you into some great thoughts! Thanks very much.

allen - hurry up and get that thingin the can. I'm really curious to see the fruits of your labor.

R. dress - (^__^ ) glad to have made your list.


Charles Goatley said...

Cool blog! I really like the negative space pictures. I've been having fun experimenting with them too on my blog, though it looks like you've grasped the concept more than I have. So much fun to draw that way, though!
I look forward to seeing more.

Joe Karg said...

Nice styles on here man. I am a fan from here on out.

Anonymous said...

I need to be saving for a trip this summer. Quit making such great things for me to purchase!

Unknown said...

i'm going to have to paint some more negative space stuff. it's tough and i don't wanna get rusty! charles, i took a look at your stuff and i think it's greta you're experimenting with silhouette. isn't it fun?

thanks Joe, i really appreciate it!

airwalker - SAVE FOR YOUR TRIP!!! and thanks ( ^__^ )


Ken said...

oooh a book!!! congrats on doing that man! your artwork is looking awesome, and I love your crazy little characters. nice unique style!

Beatriz Iglesias said...

The book is at my home!!!
Great cover and awesome draws!
A little jewell.

Buy it, friends...don´t miss it!

Anonymous said...

I received your book in the mail today! You even drew a creature on the envelope, talk about going the extra mile for your fans :)

It's a great little book; congrats!

Unknown said...

thanks beatriz, ken, and sir r.

i'm glad that you liked the book. i am honored that people would trade for it some of their hard earned gold!