Wednesday, December 05, 2007

while you sleep, kid

i'm goign to try to pull myself out of this artless slump. it's one of those things where i'm comparing time it takes to do free art versus time it takes to do my freelance divided by time it takes to do "extracuricular activities"...

so far that equation equals no freeform art creation.

i always talk sh_t to people who say and don't do, so here's to me not being a hypocrite.



n!k said...

haha! that is my internal struggle daily. keep on keepin on!

allen etter said...

Sometimes a break is good. I had a job, years ago, that literally SUCKED the creativity out of me and I didn't write, paint, shoot film (video) or anything creative for two years. When I quit the job, I practically exploded in my studio! It happens. Keep jammin'.