Tuesday, July 17, 2007

piecing it all together

another piece from the show (that's TONIGHT):

come in as say hi to me. i'll be the white kid with the black shirt with a ribcage and green guts painted onto it and really really really short hair.

¿you know what movie this one is from?



Anonymous said...

Dark Crystal? Great piece! See you tonight.

PEPE said...

Wonderful Work! your rendering is just frightening!!! you can't be human!!!!! :)

allen etter said...

Any word on the sequel?

Beatriz Iglesias said...

Dark Crystal!!! Have I won a signed original?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you were asking which movie your tee was from...I was gonna say "This is Spinal Tap." ;)

Great work, btw!

Unknown said...

it IS dark crystal.

pepe - some of your conspiracies are on, but the one about robot andrew is sadly not true. ;-)

that's got to be one of my alltime faves easily.

i idn't see you at the show Savage - next time - or better yet at the con.

the sequel is coming. i will see it, though whether it's a good idea... hmmmmm dunno about that one.

i should quit my day job and draw more - that way i could have more signed originals to give away! :-)

thanks mle. also - this is spinal tap is awesome.