Monday, May 28, 2007


ok. here's how these things are painted simple as possible:

1. lineart
2. flat colors
3. render it out (i use a set of brushes in photohop that are good for the way i use the wacom)
4. tweaks (like fuzzy wings or little specular higlights or colors)


i don't mind sharing the process, but i always recommend that in art there are many ways to make things look cool. Once you are comfortable in a package, explore to find a way to make your art look unique, since so many of us are doing it.




Farivar (Freever) Eftekhari said...

Beautiful... nice to see process.

A true artist can move and inspire more than just talent.

Piotr said...

hey thanks for sharng your technique! wonderful style with your colors

Anonymous said...

this is more than great, all your work is so clean and crisp. you really inspired me. i would like to see more of your processes like this one.

keep up the good work...

Meetch said...

hott <---notice the TWO "t's"


Unknown said...

thank you all, i've decided to post a bunch of the how to's this week because it's common for people to ask how to make the post-it pet creatures.


Andy C. said...

Big props for sharing your process man. I really appreciate. Thanks a bunch! :)